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"There is no such thing as bad weather - just bad clothing"

As you prepare to entrust your child to the care of Woden Valley ELC, we kindly request that families ensure their little ones come equipped with the right clothing. This is essential to enable your child to fully embrace the diverse outdoor experiences we offer and actively engage in all facets of our enriching program.


We encourage clothes and shoes that allow children to feel comfortable and which are suitable for “messy and active” play. Children’s clothing should allow for freedom of movement but allow children to play safely. Clothes that fit properly, without being too loose or too tight will allow children to move without restrictions enabling them to freely participate in experiences.


When weather permits children are encouraged to engage in barefoot play. We recognise the benefits to a child’s development by being barefoot. When in the garden or on nature walks children must wear shoes which enclose their feet and allow a firm grip. Thongs, clogs and moccasins are not appropriate footwear.


In summer children should be dressed to adhere to the Sun Smart Policy. Tops should cover shoulders and be of light, breathable material. Children who choose to wear skirts or dresses must wear shorts underneath. Children should come with a hat which cover the ears and the back of the neck. Clothes for winter should include long pants, jumper and a coat. Beanies and gloves are encouraged on really cold days.


The children will spend time outside every day, regardless of the weather, so clothing should be warm and preferably water proof. Clothes for wet weather should include gum boots, wet weather overalls and coat with hood.

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