"The key to understanding the future is one word:


-Patrick Dixon

Pedagogy at Woden Valley Early Learning Centre is modelled on sustainable living within the natural environment. As we learn by experience and discover new ways of practice, we refine our pedagogy program.


We incorporate connections with the environment in all our actions from nurturing a child’s connection with the planet to welcoming parents and the community to join us in our mission. Children at Woden Valley will learn about the benefits of sustainable activities being a founding value of our early learning centre. In all programs, children will be involved in growing food and looking after animals. They will participate in programs to re-generate the land such as with native plantings, learning about the biology of nature, or the impact we can have on the world.


It is the intention of the 2020 yard refurbishment project and beyond to revegetate the property with indigenous plants such as bush tucker species and plants to attract birds and insects. We will also be aiming to grow fruits and vegetables for the community.


Reducing our waste is a key concern for our Centre. We are incorporating waste minimisation activities across all programs, , such as art projects using recyclable materials or refurbishing old furniture into new in our workshop. Our team will always strive to be a positive  example for children to watch and learn from our actions to reduce waste. We are working towards becoming paper-free, and we reuse any paper waste (such as shredded paper for animal bedding) and then compost on site. Food waste is partially composted or fed to the animals. Any glass and plastic will be recycled.


Woden Valley’s grid-energy needs are being reduced by the electricity produced by a 31 KW solar array installed on our roof. While the ACT is the only state in Australia to be supplied with 100% renewable electricity, we aim to  eventually supply 100% of our energy needs from solar power with battery backup.


The gardens at Woden Valley are provided for by rain water from our existing tank, and we are working towards adding more tanks with pumps.