Nutritional Meals

At Woden Valley we have a purpose built kitchen and our Cook provides all the meals for children throughout the day. We even use our home grown produce when available.

We have a four weekly menu that is updated seasonally to ensure that children have access to the freshest produce. Snacks will be provided at the beginning and end of each day. Snacks might include muffins, fruits, cultural recipes, those cooked on the camp fire or other low-salt and low-sugar foods.


Responsive Mealtimes

Educators respond to the needs of the children by being dynamic and flexible in our practices. Our Educators can provide a mealtime experience that meets the demands of each individual day. They use consistent cultural norms and ensure the children have a predictable routine so they  feel safe and secure in their environment.

Respecting the food choices of families and assisting children’s diets

Woden Valley respects the food choices families make and strive to assist them to continue their child’s diet during the time the children are with us. We would love to include in our menu any recipes which you may have in your family.

Winter Menu 2022 / Week 1 & 2

Spring Menu 2021 / Week 1 & 2

Winter Menu 2022 / Week 3 & 4

Spring Menu 2021 / Week 3 & 4