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Nourishing Your Child's Appetite for Learning and Health

At Woden Valley ELC, we're committed to providing your child with not only a stimulating learning environment but also wholesome, nutritious meals that cater to their growing bodies and inquisitive minds. Our purpose-built kitchen, overseen by our dedicated Cook, is at the heart of this commitment. Our Cook takes great pride in crafting meals that are both delicious and nutritious. We go a step further by incorporating homegrown produce whenever available, giving your child a taste of fresh, local flavours straight from our very own garden. To ensure that your child enjoys the freshest, most diverse meals, we update our four-week menu seasonally. This rotation offers a variety of taste experiences and ensures that children have access to a broad range of fresh produce. It's all part of our effort to make mealtime a delightful and educational experience. We understand the importance of keeping your child energized throughout the day. That's why we provide snacks during the day upon the child's request. Rest assured, we prioritize low-salt and low-sugar choices to support your child's well-being.


Responsive Mealtimes

Mealtimes are essential for your child's development and not just for satisfying hunger. These times focus on creating an environment that promotes healthy eating habits, social interaction, independence, and a positive relationship with food. At our centre, we ensure that mealtimes are responsive and beneficial for your child. We understand that each child has unique dietary needs, preferences, and eating habits. Therefore, our educators take the time to understand your child's specific requirements to ensure that their meals are nutritious and enjoyable. Our early childhood education centre believes that responsive mealtimes are crucial to every child's well-being, promoting healthy habits, nurturing independence, and fostering a positive relationship with food. We're committed to providing a supportive, social, and nutritious environment, addressing every child's needs, and promoting healthy development.

Respecting the food choices of families and assisting children’s diets

At Woden Valley, we hold the utmost respect for the food choices that each family makes. We recognize that a child's diet is an extension of the values and preferences of their family, and we are here to fully support those choices. Our goal is to seamlessly align our menu with your family's dietary preferences and continue the diet you've chosen for your child during their time with us.

Family Recipes, a Part of Our Menu:

We believe that family recipes are not only a source of culinary tradition but also a reflection of the love and care that goes into every meal. If you have cherished family recipes that your child adores, we would be delighted to incorporate them into our menu. By doing so, we aim to make our mealtime experiences even more special, personal, and meaningful.

Safety First: Our Nut-Free Policy:

In line with our commitment to providing a safe and inclusive environment for all children, we maintain a strict nut-free policy. This policy ensures that all our menu offerings and the snacks we provide are free from nuts or nut products, eliminating the risk of allergenic reactions. We understand the seriousness of nut allergies and are dedicated to taking every precaution to keep your child safe.

Winter Menu 2024 / Week 1 & 2

Spring Menu 2023 / Week 1 & 2

Winter Menu 2024 / Week 3 & 4

Spring Menu 2023 / Week 3 & 4

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