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Our Program & Curriculum

Woden Valley ELC provides a solid foundation for children's future academic and social success while also fostering their natural curiosity, creativity, and love of learning. Our curriculum has been developed by our Pedagogical Leaders and is led by current research and many years of experience and practical knowledge. Our Pedagogical Approach encompasses a wide range of factors, including the goals and objectives of early childhood education, the role of both teacher and student, the role of families and community, how we deliver our program intentions while being aware of the diverse needs and interests of learners, and the assessment of learning outcomes. We also have a strong commitment to creating learning environments that reflects our journey of Reconciliation as we continue to respect Aboriginal and Torres Straight Island ways of knowing and being, and acknowledge we are teaching and learning on Ngunnawal and Ngambri Country.

Whether your child is an “Early Engager” (infant), an “Early Explorer” (toddler), an “Intentional Investigator” (junior preschool), or an “Agentic Learner” (preschool), the team of exceptional Educators will work with your family to create opportunities for your child to thrive.

Curriculum in action

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