Your child's early learning

Woden Valley recognises parents as their child's first and most enduring teachers. Our educators will work in partnership with you to develop and early learning program that reflects and builds on your child's interests, curiosities and skills. Quality early learning programs will extend your child's learning and help them reach their full potential.


Educators follow the National Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) as a guide to educationally and developmentally appropriate programs that are based on the interests and needs of children, as well as family input to assist in goal setting.

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Learning Documentation
Person Writing

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Educators value all the work children do in their play. Educators will capture, collate and document your child’s work to ensure you have full access to all the stages your child’s learning and development. Documentation may include photographs, your child’s words and dialogue, written observations, learning stories, group projects and investigations and samples of your child’s work.

Story Park

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We use Storypark to document children’s learning. Storypark is a live, secure, login based e-portfolio that will enable you to enjoy insights into your child’s learning throughout the day. It will also allow you to contribute to and comment on what your child is doing. We encourage you to share information about your child and family with educators at every available opportunity.

Quality Programs

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Our educators will design your child's learning program around their unique learning needs. Educators will structure the early learning program to maximize your child's opportunities and experiences to explore, grow and learn.

Each of our early learning programs is responsive to its local environments. This will enable your child to understand a sense of place and culture in their immediate world.

Value of Play

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Play is children’s important work. It is the vehicle for children to develop vital physical, social, cognitive and emotional skills. Play helps children make sense of their world and practice skills such as empathy and resilience.

Your child will have the opportunity to learn through a range of play-based activities and having fun.

Relationships for learning

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Relationships with adults and other children are critical in children’s early years. The relationship your child develops with their educator is a pathway for your child to experience separation, develop new relationships and practice their social and emotional skills.Working together, you can help your child gain the best possible early learning experience and ensure your child’s experience is consistent with your values and culture.