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Nature Pedagogy - Foundation skills

An innovative and inspiring approach to early childhood education values the child as strong, capable and, resilient, rich with wonder and knowledge. By allowing children to immerse themselves in activities that promote imaginative and creative play, every child brings with them deep curiosity and potential, and this innate curiosity drives their interest in understanding their world and their place within it.

The Image of the Child: Children are competent and capable learners.

Children are driven by their interests to understand and know more. Children are viewed as active and valuable members of the wider community who are capable members of society. Each child can naturally question, interpret and understand the world around them. The educational focus at Woden Valley ELC is on the individual strengths and needs of the child. Children are always encouraged to explore, have opinions and provide suggestions.

Children form an understanding of themselves and their place in the world through their interactions with others.

There is a strong focus on social collaboration, working in groups, where each child is an equal participant, having their thoughts and questions valued. The adult is not the giver of knowledge. Children search for knowledge through investigations. Our role as adults is to observe children, listen to their questions and stories, find what interests them and then provide them with opportunities to explore these interests further.

Children are communicators.

Communication is a process of discovering things, asking questions, and using language as play. At Woden Valley ELC, children are encouraged to use language to investigate, explore, and reflect on their experiences. They are listened to respectfully, believing their questions and observations are opportunities to learn and search together.

It is a continual collaborative process. Rather than the child asking a question and the adult offering the answers, the search is undertaken together.

The environment is the third teacher.

An integral element of our philosophy is the physical environment and immediate surroundings. The space encourages collaboration, communication and exploration. The space respects children as capable by providing them with authentic materials & tools. The area is cared for by the children and the adults.

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