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The Australian Government recognises that ECEC is an essential part of Australia's education system and is integral to Australia's economic prosperity as a powerful lever for increasing workforce participation.

Participation in quality ECEC has essential developmental, social, and educational benefits for Australian children. It can assist with positive early childhood development and provides a foundation for our children's future well-being and success. Cost and availability continue to be barriers to accessing ECEC and for parents and carers to achieve their preferred level of workforce participation.

The Commission is undertaking an inquiry into the ECEC sector in Australia. The Commission should make recommendations to support affordable, accessible, equitable and high-quality ECEC that reduces barriers to workforce participation and supports children's well-being and development, including considering a universal 90 per cent childcare subsidy rate.

Woden Valley ELC, in collaboration with its Parent Management Committee, has submitted suggestions that will support our sector continuity, affordability and equitable access. Please find attached our submission papers with five recommendations based on the recent discussions within the Service.

FINAL Submission - Woden Valley Early Learning Centre
Download PDF • 290KB

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